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Email Marketing

Delight and convert customers directly from their inboxes.

Maven Media Group

Email Marketing Overview

Strategic use of email marketing has the power to engage your audience like nothing else.

Engaging Email Marketing That Gets Customers Excited

Maven Media Group’s email team delivers creative campaigns that will direct your users to conversion, powered by automation and personalization technology. The result? Captivating customer touchpoints that drive sales and put your brand in the spotlight.

Send Personalized Emails At the Touch Of A Button

With Klaviyo Ecommerce Email Marketing, your most essential emails are entirely automated and sent to subscribers exactly when they need them. We set up this process for you, ensuring the optimal results and monitoring them to ensure consistent improvement.

Klaviyo delivers you the engagement you want without the hassle of manually composing your most important customer emails.

Our Strategy

Email Automation For Every Touchpoint Of Your Customer Journey

Make email simpler.

Improve efficiency, streamline processes and drive revenue when you adopt email marketing automation. Re-engage leads, welcome new eCommerce customers onboard, gather high volumes of reviews and more – all at the press of a button.

Data-Driven Email Strategy & Insights

Achieving your goals has never been easier than with your own personal roadmap to success. Get actionable insights that will super power your eCommerce email marketing, identify industry trends and carve out a marketing pathway in complete confidence with our strategy and analysis.

Plus, with our A/B testing methodology, we’ll ensure that your campaign is consistently growing – helping you achieve your next landmark in business success.

Design & Build Creative Marketing Campaigns

Create meaningful brand experiences and stand out from your competitors. From design and template build, to graphics and copy, our innovative email marketing campaigns have the power to get your turn prospects into loyal customers.

Responsive Email Marketing That Fits Your Business

We believe in marketing that suits your business. That’s why our email marketing campaigns integrate seamlessly with your CRM, and its why we can tailor our creative campaigns across multiple e-marketing platforms. Your marketing, exactly as you need it.

Start Your Online Journey

What We Offer

People are searching for what you have to sell. The problem is that if they don’t find you they can’t buy from you… and that’s costing you money (and a heap of frustration).

Email Strategy

Get the blueprint for success with an email strategy that will outline the most effective way to communicate with your audience.

Creative Content

Cut through the noise with engaging email content that puts your brand at the centre of the story.

Responsive HTML Design

Deliver industry-leading UX with a sleek email template design that responds across all devices.


Make every email feel like it has only one destination. Personalized emails sent via Klaviyo build loyalty and ensure your audience will relate to your content.


Segment your audience to deliver targeted content that will strike a chord with readers.


Welcome customers, nurture prospects and drive sales – all without opening your laptop. Set-up email automations to run in the background of your operations, helping you achieve results without lifting a finger.

CRM Integration

Make sure your campaigns are aligned with your business. Integrate emails with your website to get insightful data and take your marketing to the next step.

A/B Testing

We never rest! Continually develop and optimize your campaign with A/B testing that will ensure you get the most from your results.

Reporting & Insights

Inform your strategy and refine your campaigns with detailed data and industry insights.

Landing Page Experience

Make sure your website experience is as meaningful as your email. We create campaign landing pages that will drive your customer to conversion.

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