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What Is Facebook Advanced Matching?

The increase of privacy measures on Facebook and the iOS 14 update has made it increasingly more difficult for businesses to track where their conversions are coming from while running campaigns on Facebook

As a way to be able to track where attributions are coming from, Facebook introduced its Advanced Matching software. We’re here to tell you all about this setup and why you should be using Facebook Advanced Matching to help track your paid social media campaigns!

So, What Exactly Is Facebook Advanced Matching?

This feature allows you to send information about your customers and their actions from your website to Facebook, alongside your Pixel events. However, this information is hashed before it leaves the website and therefore completely private; abiding by data and privacy regulations. 

Just some of this information includes hashed email, name, gender, location, date of birth and more. This enables Facebook to match conversion events to customers and determine which of your campaigns led to attributed conversions on your website. To learn more about how effective paid social media can be at driving conversions, speak to one of our professionals today. 

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The Benefits

Clearly, one of the main benefits of enabling this software is that you can track your results more clearly, leading to a greater number of attributed conversions from your Facebook campaigns. You’ll be able to understand how your campaigns are performing more clearly with this feature turned on. 

Another great benefit that comes from using Facebook Advanced Matching is an increased Custom Audience size. As Facebook is able to match your website visitors to people on Facebook more effectively, any Custom Audience you create will have a much greater number of users in it. This will help to show your ads to a larger amount of potential customers. 

One of the greatest benefits of enabling this feature is a lower cost per conversion. By knowing more about the type of user who is likely to interact or click through your ad, conversion-optimized campaigns will perform better as ads will specifically be delivered to these people who are likely to engage or convert.

How Do I Set Up Facebook Advanced Matching?

There are two types of advanced matching. The first option is manual advanced matching, in which you or your developer should tweak the base code of the pixel to pass website visitor information during the pixel installation. The pixel should hash the user’s information unless you have the IMG pixel. In this case, you will have to hash this information yourself. 

The most straightforward option is automatic advanced matching. This can be added on via Events Manager. Once this is enabled, your pixel will identify recognizable form fields on your website, where they’re hashed in the user’s browser. Facebook will then use this information to determine which users engaged with your ad; the hashed information is permanently deleted after this. 

Get in contact with the Maven Media Group team today to learn more about the process of setting up Facebook Advanced Matching.

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